Ivm. Corona uitgesteld naar een nader te bepalen datum
Tiengemeten (day workshop)
"Looking is not seeing yet"

Saturday, May 9, 2020 I organize for the 8th time the photo workshop nature and landscape photography on the beautiful island Tiengemeten in the middle of the Haringvliet.


Tiengemeten is an island in the province of South Holland and is located in the middle of the Haringvliet.

The island is only 7 km long and 2 km wide but nevertheless very varied. Originally, the island was largely leased to farmers, but since 1997 it has been managed by Natuurmonumenten as a national nature reserve.

Nature may be at its best in May. A lot of flowers and fresh green on the plants, the weather in that period can still go in all directions. Tiengemeten is a predominantly 'flat' island that involves little relief in the landscape. This aspect makes it not necessarily 'easy' photography and it requires good looking and creativity to create interesting images. In short, the location is quite challenging photographically.

We start with a cup of coffee (incl.) And a short introduction. Then we get to work. During this short workshop we will focus on technically good photography, but especially learn to look properly. What is interesting and what is not, what you leave out and what you include in your image.

Due to the small group, there is ample attention for everyone to help him / her take better photos. Suitable for all levels and for all types of (digital) cameras.

Duration: from 10 am to approx. 16 pm. (9.45 am at the boat, back to the other side at 5.10 pm)

Costs: 89 euros pp. (incl. 1st cup of coffee, excl. crossing of 5 euros)

Group size: Minimum 3, maximum 7 people

Handy to take with you: Boots, it is very soggy in some places. Tripod, (gray / polarization) filters, packed lunch.

Thermos with tea or coffee.

Stock Photo - Stock Photo - Stock Photo of Stock photo.

Important : The general terms and conditions apply to all my workshops .

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