Workshop "long exposures"
Saturday, July 4, 2020

Working with slow shutter speeds in photography is hot.

During the photo trips that I accompany, I notice that many people like and / or like the images and would like to 'play' with filters (more) themselves. Often people already have a few filters, but not really an idea how to do this.

For those people and also for the people who already have experience with it, I now organize the new workshop “slow shutter speeds”.

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The location I chose is the second Maasvlakte. A large industrial area, part of the ports of Rotterdam. You will encounter both nature and industrial subjects and because of the variation, there are many different photographic options.

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The so-called pre-visualization will also be discussed during the workshop. How do you determine a (start) shutter speed and what other settings are you going to use? A structured approach to this type of photography provides stronger images, just like with all types of photography. The outcome can be better predicted in advance and that works better and more efficiently than 'just try something and hope that something will come out'.

We start with a cup of coffee and get to work after a short introduction. In the afternoon we move our focus to another place in the area.

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For this workshop I work together with BENRO and from them I have a large bag with all kinds of filters with me so that it is possible for everyone to use different filters. Even if you don't own any filters yourself!

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Due to the small group, there is ample attention for everyone to help him / her take better photos. Suitable for all levels and for all types of (digital) cameras, provided that a filter can be placed on the lens. So even if you don't have filters yourself!



  • Date: July 4, 2020

  • Locations: Two different locations, both on / near the 2nd Maasvlakte

  • Costs: 89 euros / pp

  • Duration: start 10 hours, end approximately 17 hours

  • Group size : Minimum 3, maximum 7 people



Requirements :

  • Your most stable tripod (This may also be the heaviest, but it does not require a lot of walking / carrying)

  • Your own filters but you do not have them (yet), see the next point. Ideal is a set with at least a 10 stops ND and / or a 6 stopper. A few gray gradient filters 3 to 4 stops complete the story but are not necessarily necessary for the day. The most convenient are the so-called filters that can be slid into a separate holder. This instead of the round screw filters, which can also be used for the smooth gray (ND) filters. The gray gradient filters work less well as a screw filter simply because the filter cannot be moved.

  • I have been shooting with the Benro system for several years now. This, of course otherwise I had chosen something else, to my great satisfaction. I have a large bag from Benro with all kinds of different filters, holders and reducers so that everyone can gain experience with this system. It is therefore not necessarily necessary to already have filters in your possession to participate in this workshop.

  • A plate of cardboard or something to flag off any incident light. After all, a lens hood cannot be used if you work with a filter holder system.

  • An umbrella to keep the filters dry in (light) rain.

  • Lunch package (although there is a 'cake and zopie' tent at the first location

  • Possibly a thermos with tea or coffee.

  • A remote control is useful so you don't have to touch the camera when relaxing. If you don't have it, you can also use the self-timer (2 sec. Delay)

In case of really bad weather such as heavy rain or real storm, the workshop will not take place and will be postponed to a date to be determined.

Important : The general terms and conditions apply to all my workshops .

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