Supply & Demand

This page is intended to bring together people who have taken part in a photo tour and purchased items that they want to resell afterwards, who are looking for something for a particular trip. The latter can also place a (search) message here. This primarily concerns matters such as (special) clothing, boots, gloves, etc.

You can only provide me with a short text and possibly a photo of what you want to sell or via an email. I am putting the ad here on my website so that everyone can find the information.

Please also take a look at the examples below.


I expressly state here that the buyer and seller must contact each other themselves and that I do not take any responsibility for what is bought or sold. I also reserve the right to refuse advertisements offered without reason.

This page is intended as a service and is not intended to act as a kind of ''.

Stock Photo - Stock Photo - Stock Photo of Stock photo.

Good luck!

Stock Photo - Stock Photo - Stock Photo of Stock photo.


Patagonia Grade VII Down Parka Amper 1 week gedragen bij een fotoreis naar Siberië Unisex (volwassenen) Maat: M Kleur: Multi-color blauw/oranje-rood



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